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Using the traditional Japanese techniques of making hats, we put our sprits of craftsmanship in hats one by one.
Traditional old techniques make products elegant and we also add some essences of freshness of today.
You wouldn’t think anyone would offer such a  thing.




Graduated from Tama Art University, department of Ceramic, Glass and Metal Works



Highly skilled craftswoman with 7 years’ experience as a designer, sewing operator, pattern maker, sales&planning professional and supporting executives  in the accessory apparel companies.

After 7 years of experience in the accessory apparel, including designing, sewing, pattern making, sales&planning with highly skilled craftsmen,


2014年に日本の製帽技術を活かした帽子ブランド TEARIcraftment を立ち上げ、帽子の企画・製造を行っています。

in 2014 launch the brand ”TERAI craftment” which make the best use of Japanese traditional techniques and keep making hats.

Irregularly a glassblower


you can find my glassworks↓

-FALL at Nishi-ogikubo in Tokyo

-Dorothy vacance at Omori in Tokyo

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